About OFA

Our Mission:

To partner with families and the community to provide opportunity and hope to children of all ages in the Democratic Republic of Congo.


Dylan Smith – Executive Director

Board of Directors:

Jilma Meneses – President of the Board, OFA adoptive parent
Jon Englund – Vice President of the Board
Nathan Reynolds – Board Secretary, OFA adoptive parent
Chris Roberts – OFA adoptive parent
April Marvin – OFA Parent
Fannie Landerholm – OFA Recipient of services from Jamaa Letu Orphanage, Adoptee
Lara Zizic – OFA adoptive parent                                                                                                                                     Deacon Jim Pittman  – Salisa Bana School Founder

Board Members Emeritus:

Rev. Ruth Mathis – United Methodist Church Pastor (ret.)


ALL OFA parents
Rody Rowe – UMC retired pastor, Feed Congo Kids Project Manager
Alice Rowe – UMC member, Feed Congo Kids Project Manager
Missy Flint – OFA adoptive parent
Kelly Smith — OFA adoptive parent