I would like to adopt a Congolese orphan. Can OFA help me?

Although we provided free legal services to families adopting orphans from DRC for over ten years, we sincerely regret we are no longer accepting applicationsĀ for adoption assistance or for United States legal services assistance.
OFA is not an adoption agency and we do not want to be perceived as an adoption agency. When we started our adoption legal services work, there were no USA agencies working in DRC. Now there are over thirty, including some that are for profit and some that have limited experience with the culture, the people, the legal process, and the ethics. For these reasons, OFA prefers not to continue with new adoptions.

Can I volunteer with OFA?

Absolutely, feel free to email your resume and a short description of your interest to dsmith@ourfamilyinafrica.org

How much of my donation is going directly to the children?

Approximately 86% of donations received go directly to our programs serving the children. We are minimally staffed and rely heavily on volunteers, our offices are home offices, and we keep our administrative expenses to a minimum.

Can I send physical donations to OFA for the school or orphanages?

Transporting physical donations to DRC is expensive, but not impossible. If you can please also pay for the shipping costs, we can facilitate getting your physical donations to DRC.