Today, November 13th, is National Orphan Day and we would like to share the hopeful tale of a child who has been helped by Our Family in Africa in our effort to raise the future generation of leaders for the DRC.


This is Aimee Kahyumba. Aimee is now twenty four years old but was orphaned very soon after she was born. She never knew her father and her mother passed away from AIDS but by some miracle, Aimee did not contract the illness from her mother. She was raised in a series of foster homes, some of which were supported by the Kaziba Orphanage. Due to this instability during her childhood she is just now getting close to completing her high school education in the town of Bukavu.


Aimee has seen the changes in her community over the years and the increase in technology. She believes that there can be great progress for her community and her country in this area and so she plans to make an impact by working in the DRC’s burgeoning technology sector. She has a very strong desire to bring the hope and opportunity so needed in eastern Congo.


On this National Orphan Day we hope that you can consider Aimee’s example and help us to fight for a world where all children are cared for and a bright future is laid out before them. In a country with an estimated 5 million orphans it is so important to learn the individual stories of these children. The need in the DRC feels constantly overwhelming. However, to children like Aimee or the other children whose stories we have shared like Amani and Murhabaza, you can be their hope and their light for the future. By giving today you can help OFA and our partners in DRC to raise the generation who will fight to make sure that children will not have to endure the hardships that they faced.


Please consider donating to OFA’s programs today by visiting our donation page HERE and help to restore the future to an orphaned child.